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Shenzhen Jinhai Chong Electronics Co., Ltd. has been committed to the application of advanced electronic information technology and products to serve the community, to maintain the national information security, adhering to the "innovation in China electronic, leading the future" concept of responsibility, and strive to practice the economic, social and environmental responsibility.

Know the new map, and actively fulfill economic responsibility. In the electronics industry, the competitive market conditions, in the financial crisis continue to affect the special period, Shenzhen Jin Haichuang Electronics Co., Ltd. through the excavation of their own potential, strengthen the organization and management and technological innovation, and continuously reduce costs, and strive to provide customers with inexpensive products and services.

Tatsu world, actively fulfill their social responsibilities. Shenzhen City Jin Chong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a development is inseparable from the social support, we are dedicated to customer service, improve the quality of the products, to achieve "zero defect, zero complaint"; we pay attention to production safety, accidents to zero; we sincerely respect for employees, pay great attention to the talents cultivation, adhere to the "responsibility is heavy to reward performance; perennial Yuanjiang poverty relief and reconstruction of hope primary school, to support post disaster reconstruction.

Green development, and actively fulfill environmental responsibility. Shenzhen City Jin Chong Electronics Co., Ltd. to implement national environmental protection and energy-saving emission reduction requirements, establish and improve the environmental management system, environmental management into the production of the whole manufacturing process, the unit of industrial increased value of energy consumption decreased year by year. To provide the society with resources saving, environment friendly products and services, and realize the coordinated development between enterprises and the environment.

Work together to promote social responsibility. Shenzhen City Jin Chong Electronics Co., Ltd. comprehensive, coordinated and earnestly promote the integrated circuit and key components, software and services, high-tech electronic, special machine and core components, new flat panel display, modern e-commerce and the park service of the business sector to implement the work of corporate social responsibility.

Standing at a new starting point, Shenzhen Jinhai Chong Electronics Co., Ltd. will work to implement the scientific development concept, in the spirit of "integrity, performance, innovation and responsibility" concept of enterprise value, pooling of resources, focusing on the implementation of display technology, information security, electronic information products trading platform system engineering, accelerate the transformation of programs and services market breakthrough to high-end technology, the overall solution, and actively promote the work of social responsibility, and strive to build a responsible, respected world-class electronic information industry companies.