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Sports venues and facilities engineering contractor two:

Can undertake the following project construction:

(1) an area of 55 hectares and the following 32000000 Yuan, 18 holes and a golf course, indoor and outdoor mini golf course and an exercise field;

(2) 50000 people and the following, investment 10000000 yuan and the following stadium and track and field facilities;

(3) 5000 persons and the following Stadium (including the swimming pool, and the winter sports facilities);

(4) football, rugby, baseball, softball, bowling, hockey and squash facilities etc.;

(5) 7000 square meters and the following synthetic surface tennis, basketball, volleyball venue facilities.

Characteristics: high anti UV pigments to ensure stable color, prolong fading time, the original grain import HDPE plastic bag, effectively protect the life, the high-quality low carbon galvanized iron wire, the product is more flexible.

Fence installation technology and process

1, fence installation process: Welding fence and column floor

A, measurement line, according to design drawings set posts and posts embedment.

B, fixed, fixed size fence post 150 x 150 x 8 feet, lamp fixture

A wire: the use of high standards of high quality and low carbon galvanized iron wire, to ensure the use of all kinds of requirements. B plastic: the use of imported high density raw material PE package, not to add the slightest recycled raw material ingredients, to ensure the product's service life and its standard requirements. C synthesis: 300 degree high temperature plastic, so that the inner layer of low carbon steel wire and surface plastic carbon iron closely, not easy to let air into the wire surface, prevent oxidation and the long life caused by the internal to the outer. D thickness: high temperature plastic extrusion, stable rotation speed, plastic surface thickness of 0.6mm above. E color: a variety of pigments synthesized, then add unique anti UV raw materials to the overall mixing technology to ensure the stability of the color of the products, the polyhedral surface is bright and clean as new, durable and beautiful. Specification: mesh (50mmx50mm + 3mm), diameter: 2.3mm diameter: 3.6mm (+ 0.15)